We've helped build relationships...


     For over 30 years, we traveled the country teaching couples, singles, and families how to build positive, strong relationships God’s way. During that time, we established the Institute for the Biblical Study of the Family through which to share our knowledge and personal journey of building our partnership, while parenting five children.

     Today we're both retired; Claude in 2002 from professional work as a psychologist, counselor, minister and educator, and Jo in 2004 as a college administrator.

We're 50 years in, and counting...


   After celebrating 50 years of a happy, successful marriage we decided to share our relationship tips in a devotional book titled, Becoming a Professional Lover, available now.

     Each tip comes directly from our personal lives and is rooted in biblical study. Whether you're married, engaged, seriously dating, or  just want to understand how to love God's way, use our book like a manual.


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