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I spent the last two years writing a book, Becoming a Professional Lover, with my parents. Not just any book, but a relationship manual with tips taken from their study and practice. They’ve been married 52 years and counting; so that’s a lot of tips and​​ knowledge to tap into.

I’ve been married 24 years – 24 good years, I might add. I view my marriage as strong; happy; solid – thanks to my parents who demonstrated to me what that looks and acts like. Not that my marriage is perfect, by any means, but it’s perfect enough that divorce has never crossed my mind. Maybe renting a hotel room for a couple of weeks has, but that’s about it.

So with all of that under my belt, I must have this marriage thing down pretty good, huh! I would say, “Yes.” So that would mean that this book can’t really teach me anything I don’t already know or do, right? I would say, “No.”

With any skill and talent, there’s always room to improve. While writing Becoming a Professional Lover, I saw many tips that I do already practice in my marriage. Yay for me! But I also saw many tips that I don’t practice – either fully, correctly, or at all. Yay for me! I say that because seeing and admitting that there’s room for me to improve as a marriage partner, means there’s room to increase my satisfaction level.

I’ve sort of been chomping at the bit to read the book with my husband. I’m anxious to dive into the homework assignments to learn what I don’t know or remember, and to see how I’ve changed or stayed the same over 24 years. And I’ll be sharing my personal journey – as a woman, a wife, and mother – as I go through each week. My husband will also share his own thoughts from week-to-week.

If you have the book we can all compare notes. You may also want to guest blog for us to share your view of a week's study. If you don't have a book, at least you can read our different viewpoints and experiences as we go through each tip.

My ultimate goal is to inspire you to desire becoming a professional lover. Not just for the title; but for the results. And not just in marriage; but in all of your relationships.

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