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Although I was not raised a Christian, my environments growing up displayed Christian values. One value I absorbed was respect for others; so when it came time to express feelings toward a potential mate, I never thought of myself as being the “dominant” one. I viewed any level of dating or union as a partnership because no two people are the same; and no two people have identical qualities or thoughts (maybe similar, but not identical).

Understanding that, the potential of strengthening my relationship with my wife, even after more than two decades of marriage, is worth looking into. Why? Because since I chose her then and I still choose her, it’s worth it. And she’s worth my effort of creating an even stronger partnership with her. So I’m looking forward to working through her book, Becoming a Professional Lover.

Being open minded to try new and/or different ideas that could potentially enhance your relationship, should be something that every man is willing to do. Extra effort is worth it for the sake of one’s partner. I’ve always told myself that if my wife had an idea for us to do as a couple and I didn’t have an alternative, I would not deny her the opportunity for us to at least try her idea.

Two things that couples engage in that often remind us that there is no manual that comes with them is marriage and parenting. Well, Becoming a Professional Lover may change that reality. I’m looking for this book to be a game changer in relationship development because it reflects the knowledge of a couple that has amassed more than 50 years of marriage experience, including all the challenges they’ve faced. Working as family life counselors for much of that time adds to their credentials as noted professionals in the field of relationship building. And the fact that they’re my in-laws makes me more willing to listen to them.

I’m excited to begin this adventure into my spiritual development. And I will be sharing my adventure with you through weekly briefings of the steps that I discover toward becoming a professional lover.

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