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We're not in competition.

Week One was not at all what I anticipated, and I am very pleased with the assignment of the week. To pattern your love after how Christ loves the church is provocative, in my opinion, to someone who is not a spiritually-minded individual. This is a good thing. If you are reading the book, Becoming a Professional Lover, to find methods for strengthening your relationship and loving your partner, I believe it’s extraordinary to observe the parallels between how you love and desire only the best for your significant other, with how God loves you and what He desires for you.

When you read and hear the words “wives submit to your husbands” and “husbands love your wives”, we tend to separate those statements according to gender. Like cereal and milk, meat and potatoes, salad and dressing – individually they’re fine. But when they’re combined, they elevate each other.

The same outcome applies with relationships. When we men display love to our significant others, we are displaying a willingness to support, provide, protect and be vulnerable by allowing them into our world/soul. Women, when feeling loved, will become the partners we desire to have in our lives to nurture, motivate, comfort, and support us, creating an environment that allows us to become the best men we can become.

And if you’re on the same team, it’s not a competition. Both husbands and wives working at maintaining balance is critical to remaining selfless, respectful, not abusing moments of vulnerability, and implementing patience and a Christ-like character. It’s work; often, like working out or exercising. But just as we all know how exercising consistently makes you stronger, allowing you to take on more and more, the same holds true in our relationships. It’s just that the best part of relationship exercise is that you do it together and you reap the benefits together.

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